Statement of Faith


  •  The divine inspiration and authority of the scriptures; the Deity and humanity, virgin birth and sinless life, substitutional death and bodily resurrection, ascension and pre-millennial coming of Christ;
  • Likewise, the sovereignty of God; the total depravity of all men; the necessity of regeneration; 
  • The doctrine of the Trinity as historically and Scripturaly maintained;
  • The rapture of the church as the Christian's hope;
  • The resurrection of the body of all Christians concurrent with the rapture;
  • The worldwide reign of Jesus Christ;
  • An ultimate judgment of the impenitent;
  • A heaven of eternal duration for the saved, and eternal punishment in hell for the lost.
  • That a soul is saved by repenting of sin and accepting Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, and that the soul thus saved is eternally saved and can NEVER be lost.